Junior Golf Lessons and Coaching
in Parksville, BC

The Randle Golf Academy partners with Operation 36 to offer a great Junior Development Program at Morningstar in Parksville. The Program focuses on fun and getting junior golfers on the golf course PLAYING right away. Most of our Junior Golf Academy students begin playing golf holes at 25 yards.  More experienced juniors can enter the program at a higher level when appropriate. When a junior shoots a score of 36 or lower for 9 holes, they graduate to the next level.

Classes focus on fun and helping our juniors learn the skills needed to advance to the next level.  Every second Saturday, everyone in the program goes out on the course and plays 9 holes. This is their chance to shoot a score that will set a personal record or move them up the ladder. Parents are strongly encouraged to caddy for their little golfer and everyone has a great time.

Our juniors pass through the program, advancing up the levels, learning at their own pace.  We help guide a junior golfer on the pathway to their goals. Whether you or the junior golfer(s) in your life play golf for enjoyment or have goals of playing collegiate golf someday, our program will help them get the most out of their time and efforts.

Programming is designed with the philosophy that juniors should learn short shots around and on the green first and then play longer holes as their skills develop. This leads to two keys for long term success – it’s more fun and kids start shooting low scores very quickly because the hole length is appropriate for their level of p

Program Overview

The key element for junior development is junior golfers need to be having fun! We believe this is achieved by basing our program on PLAYING golf on the course at appropriate hole lengths and designing fun and engaging learning settings in our classes. 

One of the most important elements in developing successful tournament players, in addition to developing skills, is to help them become comfortable shooting low scores.  By having our students play holes at a distance in line with their skills, our students begin shooting under par very early in their development. Being under par becomes the norm and this remains the case as they play longer and longer courses. 

Junior golfers can enter our program at any time and at any point in their development.  They will then progress through our program at their own pace.  Our lesson plans are designed to be adaptable to players of various skills so we can keep kids with their friends and other kids of similar ages, making classes more comfortable and fun.

Lessons are in small groups with a maximum of 5 junior golfers per coach. Students can also add some private coaching to their program whenever they want and at a reduced price as part of our academy! Every program includes two, monthly golf events on the golf course.  These are fun, 9-hole games where the juniors get the chance to shoot a qualifying score of 36 or lower to advance to the next Division. After each event, the kids who have advanced to a higher Division and, those who have shot a personal best score, are recognized and celebrated in a small ceremony.  There are lots of big smiles every week!


New Golfers

These juniors begin their journey in Division 1 of Op 36, playing golf holes that are 25 yards long.  Classes focus on the skills needed for a golfer to successfully shoot a score of 36 or lower for 9 holes at this length. When the juniors pass Division 1, they graduate to Division 2 and the holes lengthen to 50 yards.

Developing Golfers

After successfully shooting 36 or lower on 9 holes of 50 yards, our budding stars move to Division 3 and holes of 100 yards in length. The curriculum grows along with the longer holes with every broadening skills being learned and more distance being created. After Division 3 is conquered, Division 4 waits and the holes are now 150 yards. By this point, the juniors have a lot of mementum and are really enjoying the challenge of the bi-weekly golf events and the chance to pass a Division or set new personal records.

After Division 4, junior golfers are starting to show where golf will fit in their lives moving forward.  Many of our juniors will be enjoying the golf and social aspects while many others are thriving on the competitive side. At this point, we have a couple of different tracks for the kids to follow.

Golf for Life

This program has the kids in Divisions 5 thru 10 of the Op 36 program and holes progress from 200 yards in Division 5 to the Back Tees at Morningstar for Division 10. Skill development is consistent with the new challenges presented by longer holes and the need to adapt to new situations faced during a round of golf.  The emphasis in classes and during the on-course events is to keep things very fun.

Tournament Player

For the junior golfers who are showing a desire to begin competing in tournaments, we have a competitive track which begins with Tournament Prep. Class curriculum continues with skill development and also includes coaching on how to prepare and play in tournaments.  The mental game, strategy, nutrition, hydration and more topics are introduced as performance begins to become a goal. Our Tournament Prep Program includes Divisions 5 and 6 in the Op 36 pathway, holes of 200 and then 250 yards are the what will face our juniors as they continue to strive for scores of 36 or lower for 9 holes.

Collegiate Prep

Juniors who have passed through Division 6, have advanced to the forward tees at Morningstar and are beginning to really excel.  Collegiate Prep includes Divisions 7 thru 10 of the Op 36 program and culminates in the junior golfer shooting scores of 36 or lower from the back tees. Students in this program are enjoying the competitive experience and have aspirations to play collegiate golf and maybe professionally in the future.  Juniors in this program are starting to spend a lot of time on their golf for most of the year. They likely haven’t dropped all other sports but golf is certainly a high priority as they are planning their yearly activities. Skill development continues to be a focus in classes as well as the development of sound mental skills and the ability to transfer their skills to the golf course, especially during competition. Students on this program will be counseled on the best ways to pursue golf scholarships and the important steps for selecting a good fit for their collegiate experience.

Program Pricing


New, Developing and Golf for Life Programs

SEMESTER FEES –  $300 plus GST (can be paid $150 per month)


    • Eight 60-minute classes
    • Four on-course golf events
    • Op 36 App for tracking progress
    • Certificates and “Graduation Gifts” when Divisions are passed

Tournament Players Program



  • Four 90-minute group coaching sessions in groups of 6
  • Two on-course golf events
  • Private Coaching can be added for $50 per lesson
  • Trackman practice sessions can be added for $15 per 30 minutes


Collegiate Prep Program



  • Four 90-minute group coaching sessions in groups of 4
  • Two on-course golf events


  • Private Coaching can be added for $50 per lesson
  • Trackman practice sessions can be added for $15 per 30 minutes


Play Golf on the Course

Playing the game is the best way to learn!  Operation 36 locations are led by Golf Professionals who will provide your junior with a
9-hole playing experience at least once every two weeks. Parents caddy for their juniors as they begin their golf journey. Coaches will log each junior’s 9-hole scores on their profile to begin to track their golf development overtime.  At each on course event, juniors who pass and move on to a new Division by shooting 36 for 9-holes and juniors who shoot a personal best score get recognized and celebrated!!
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We make learning the game feel like a game!  Your junior will make friends and learn skills in fun engaging classes.  Our coaches can utilize over 100+ age appropriate games.  Juniors have so much fun they have no idea they are learning and developing skills!  Each location is equipped with digital class planning tools to ensure you get the most organized program.  With each class being well organized in advance, kids get maximum fun and improvment.
Golf Schools in BC


The Op 36 Mobile App is your family’s guide to play and practice outside of classes. Your juniors classes shouldn’t only feel like a game, their entire golf development should!

All your playing and training data is sent to your coach automatically to help guide you in your development.  You and your junior can learn from educational videos sent by your coach, and see all your goals and journey in one spot.  We believe in connecting parent, coach, and golfer in a motivating and encouraging way!

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2023 Schedule

We are very excited about the 2023 golf season! Here are the dates of our Junior Academy Programs.

Class Schedule

Our first semester of classes begins the week of April 24th.  A Semester is an 8-week session that includes:

  • A weekly golf class at the same time each week
  • An on-course golf event, every second Saturday, beginning after the second class

Juniors Aged 4 – 7

  • Mondays from 5:00 to 6:00
  • Thursdays from 4:00 to 5:00

Juniors Aged 7 – 10

  • Mondays from 4:00 to 5:00
  • Thursdays from 5:00 to 6:00

Juniors Aged 10 – 13

  • Mondays from 5:00 to 6:00
  • Thursdays from 4:00 to 5:00

Juniors Aged 13 and older

  • Mondays from 6:00 to 7:00
  • Thursdays from 6:00 to 7:00

Tournament Players

  • Mondays from 6:00 to 7:30

Collegiate Prep

  • Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8:00
On-Course Events

Our on-course events are what separates our program from so many others. Every second Saturday, our students and parents (as caddies) play a 9-hole event. These are the days when our juniors get to pass to the next Division when they are successful in shooting 36 or lower!

Event Schedule:

  • Saturday May 6th at 5:00
  • Saturday May 20th at 5:00
  • Saturday June 3rd at 5:00
  • Saturday June 17th at 5:00
  • Saturday June 24th at 5:00
  • Saturday July 8th at 5:00
  • Saturday July 22 at 5:00
  • Saturday August 5th at 5:00
  • Saturday August 19th at 5:00