Our Process For Learning Golf

Golf is a game that requires skills. Specifically, a golfer needs the ability to control where their golf ball finishes. The three key ball control skills are solid, straight and far.

To be successful in developing these skills, you need two things:

1. Clarity on how you need to deliver the golf club to the ball to make it finish at your target

2. Technique, based on your physical capabilities, that allows you to consistently deliver the club in that successful way.


Our Process


What makes our approach so successful is, unlike so many coaches, we don’t start with changing a student’s technique. We begin the improvement process by ensuring our students know how they are trying to use the tool (the golf club). 

Our experience is that most golfers don’t fully understand what they are trying to do with the golf club to create solid and straight golf shots.  So, this is where we start.  Once a golfer knows how they want to deliver the club to impact and is trying to do it, we can see if their swing is good enough to meet their needs, If a student’s swing doesn’t allow for success, we can make informed decisions about what needs to be changed about the golfer’s technique so that effective impact can be more consistently achieved.