Women’s Golf Programs at Morningstar

The Golf Academy has partnered with Operation 36 to offer a great Women’s Lesson Program at Morningstar in Parksville. The Program offers lessons for beginners, intermediate and experienced female golfers and combines group lessons with fun, on-course outings.

If you are new to golf, you may be feeling intimidated or nervous about how to get started. Our program will teach you everything you need to know to feel comfortable and excited to play golf. From how to hold the club to where to stand and how to talk like a golfer, you will feel prepared to go on the course and have fun!

Programming is designed with the philosophy that new golfers should learn short shots around and on the green first and then play longer holes as their skills develop. This leads to two keys for long term success – it’s more fun and developing golfers start making pars and shooting low scores very quickly because the hole length is appropriate for their level of play!


Program Overview


The key element for a lesson program for newer golfers is everyone needs to be having fun! We believe this is achieved by basing our program on PLAYING golf on the course and designing fun and engaging learning settings.  Women golfers can enter our program at any time and at any point in their development.  They will then progress through our program at their own pace.  Our lesson plans are designed to be adaptable to players of various skills so we can keep golfers with their friends, making classes more comfortable and fun.

Lessons are in small groups with a maximum of 5 golfers per coach. Students can also add some private coaching to their program whenever they want and at a reduced price as part of our academy! Every program includes bi-monthly golf events on the golf course.  These are fun, 9-hole games where the our students get the chance to try out their new skills. After each event, any golfers who have advanced to a higher level and had their best round are recognized and celebrated in a small ceremony.  There are lots of big smiles every week and maybe a glass of wine every once in a while!

Our Women’s Lesson Program consists of three levels:

  • New Golfers  –  These golfers begin their journey in Division 1 of Op 36, playing golf holes that are 25 yards long.  Classes focus on the skills needed for a golfer to successfully shoot a score of 36 or lower for 9 holes at this length. When our students pass Division 1, they graduate to Division 2 and the holes lengthen to 50 yards.
  • Developing Golfers  –  After successfully shooting 36 or lower on 9 holes of 50 yards, our budding stars move to Division 3 and holes of 100 yards in length. The curriculum grows along with the longer holes with every broadening skills being learned and more distance being created. After Division 3 is conquered, Division 4 awaits and the holes are now 150 yards long. By this point, our students have a lot of momentum and are really enjoying the challenge of the bi-weekly golf events and the chance to pass a Division or set new personal records.
  • Experienced Golfers  –  When students in our program pass the Division 4 standard, they are really becoming very good! Division 5 presents 200 yard holes and as skills continue to grow and scoring thresholds are passed, 250-yard holes and then the forward tees on the course are Levels 6 and 7. When our women can shoot a score of 36 or lower from the forward tees, we call the LPGA and send them out on tour!


Program Pricing

  • Yearly Registration Fee  –  $40 plus GST
  • Monthly Fees  –  $180 plus GST
    • Includes:
      • Four 60-minute classes
      • Two on-course golf events
      • Op 36 App for tracking progress
      • “Graduation Gifts” when Divisions are passed

Three Key Parts of Our Program









Play Golf on the Course

Playing the game is the best way to learn!  We  are will provide you with a 9-hole playing experience at least once every two weeks. John and Adrien will log your 9-hole scores on your profile in the OP 36 app to begin to track their golf development overtime.  At each on course event, golfers who pass and move on to a new Division by shooting 36 for 9-holes and others who shoot a personal best score get recognized and celebrated!!














Learn Skills in Fun Classes

We make learning the game feel like a game!  You will make friends and learn skills in fun engaging classes.  Our coaches can utilize over 100+ skill appropriate games.  Our students have so much fun they have no idea they are learning and developing skills!  Our golf academy is equipped with digital class planning tools to ensure you get the most organized program.  With classes being well organized in advance, students get maximum fun and improvement.







Train & Track Progress

The Op 36 Mobile App is your family’s guide to play and practice outside of classes. Your classes shouldn’t only feel like a game, the entire golf development journey should!

All your playing and training data is sent to your coach automatically to help guide you in your development.  You can learn from educational videos sent by your coach, and see all your goals and journey in one spot.  We believe in connecting coach and golfer in a motivating and encouraging way!


Golf Schools in BC

2024 Schedule

Our 2024 season will be starting soon!  Please call our Golf Shop at 250-248-2244 x 1 for more information and program dates.

  Upcoming Class Schedule

Our next month of classes will begin shortly.  A month is an 4-week session that includes:

  • A weekly golf class at the same time each week
  • An on-course golf event, every second Saturday, beginning after the second class


Beginner – Levels 1 and 2

  • Dates and times TBD

Intermediate – Levels 2, 3 and 4

  • Dates and times TBD


On-Course Events

Our on-course events are what separates our program from so many others. Every second Saturday, our students play a 9-hole event. These are the days when our students get to pass to the next Division when they are successful in shooting a score of 36 or lower!

Upcoming Golf Event Schedule

  • TBD for 2024 season