Donna Doucett of IMPACT FITNESS introduces:

“Titleist Performance Institute” Golf Fitness Testing & Personalized Exercise Programming

• Would you like to hit the ball further?
• Do you have limitations that are affecting your swing and your performance?
• Would you like to improve on playing your best and being pain free?

This program includes physical assessment, your golf fitness handicap, exercise corrections with instruction and a follow up review.

Sessions will be run for four participants at time. So, you can invite your friends and sign up your own foursome or contact Donna to sign up on your own!

First possible start date: Monday, February 1, 2021
– Mondays & Wednesdays (morning & afternoon sessions available)

Location: Morningstar Golf Club

Cost: $100 for 4 sessions, twice a week for 2 weeks to get started

PLEASE NOTE: All sessions will be conducted with COVID-19 rules in place. Participants will be properly spaced with no direct contact.

To register yourself or a group, contact

Donna Doucett, T.P.I. Certified Fitness Professional
TEL: 250-228-6394
EMAIL: [email protected]